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Madeira Rec Basketball Season Information

The Madeira Rec Basketball Advisory Board and coaches have been working hard to finalize all the details for the upcoming season. Thanks for your patience during this process. Please find the information below regarding this season.


Practices will start the week of December 14

Game schedule will be released by the league December 22

Games will start the weekend January 9

Additional information can be found at our website www.madeirarecbasketball.com as well as the league website www.cpybl.com


We are mandated to follow the COVID guidelines of the State of Ohio, Madeira Schools and the CPYBL. Due to this, there are a variety of changes that will be required this season. We encourage you to review the COVID-19 guidelines published by the league (see attached PDF). Here are few highlights:

  • Maximum of 2 guests per player at each game this season.
  • Player guests must enter the facility with the player. If they cannot, they will not be admitted.
  • There could be different capacity limitations at away facilities. Check the league website for more information on the specific facility attendance limitations.
  • Mandatory masks for all spectators including coaches and players on the bench.
  • There will be no early entry into the gym or lobby at any facility. Entry will be allowed after the conclusion of the previous game and the facility has been emptied and sanitized.
  • The format of each game will change to two-20 minute running clock halves with limited warmup and halftime periods.


There has been a rise of unfortunate incidents across Greater Cincinnati at youth sports events. We are not interested in seeing the community of Madeira make headlines for such an incident. As an organization, we have developed a zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior by anyone involved with our teams. This applies to players, coaches and fans at home and away facilities. We expect that each one of you represent our community with the respect for others. There is NO reason for interaction with referees and parents of other teams.

Please remember that these are kids playing a game. They play to have fun. They stop playing when it is no longer fun. Negative behavior ruins the game. Referees are human. Coaches are volunteers. Attitudes are contagious. Be supportive. Be a good role model for our kids.


We are a 100% volunteer organization. Each coach will be requesting assistance with various duties at each home game. It is expected that each parent contribute time requested by your coach. Please assist your coach with these duties. Your coaches put in a tremendous amount of time and need your support.


During the registration process, you were asked to visit the league website and complete the player liability waiver. In past years, this has been a problem as many people click the box during registration without completing the requirement. The league will not allow your child to play until this is completed. This is completed at the parent’s page of the league website. http://cpybl.com/parents


Team rosters have been developed in conjunction with the coaches for this season. Your coach will contact you with the specific information related to your team for this season.


Your coach will provide the date, time and location for your practice each week. All practices will be held at Madeira Elementary or Madeira Middle School this season. To limit interaction as part of our COVID protocols, we request that parents do not enter the facilities before or after practice.


Your coach will provide each player with a uniform for this season. This will include a shorts and jersey. Both items will need to be returned to your coach at the end of the season. Please provide a prompt return of these items at season end. We are not interested in tracking you down this spring.